R.E. Lee Capital – An Established Platform Provider For Fund Managers


Explore how R.E. Lee Capital builds its trusted brand as a Wealth Manager

Opening a new chapter with asset management

At R.E. Lee Capital, we extend the legacy of insurance advice and estate planning from our associated company, R.E. Lee International.


For over 60 years, R.E. Lee International Group of Companies has been synonymous with quality advice valued by sophisticated high net worth individuals around the world. Today, we provide a trusted and premium platform for asset management with experienced professionals and wide array of solutions to protect, grow and transfer your wealth.

We build life-long relationships

At R.E. Lee Capital we thrive on our founding business values to focus on building life-long relationships with our clients.


We act with integrity when we deal with our clients, regulators and business associates as we value life-time relationships. We manage our client’s wealth as if it were our own. Another hallmark of our professional team is loyalty where we keep all privileged information in the strictest of confidence. We value precision in large financial transactions and sets the highest standards. Today we share this lifetime bond with our high net worth clients and their future generations around the world.

Adapting ourselves to our client’s needs

This lifetime bond has led clients & business associates to encourage us to play a bigger role in not just insuring inter-generational transfer of wealth but also managing their wealth for the future generations. With their trust and blessing, we established the right capabilities and started R.E. Lee Capital, a capital market license holder for fund management.

Portfolio Management

R.E. Lee Capital provides discretionary portfolio management services for our high net worth clients. Our approach to investment management is unique because Artificial Intelligence is at the core of our data-intensive and quantitative investment decision process.


This approach involves the incorporation of machine learning and deep learning to each step of the investment process including the processing of financial data, identifying investment opportunities and evaluating those opportunities in a portfolio context.

Using this unique approach allows us to monitor and react to dynamic and fast changing market conditions and inter-connected markets in real time.

Helping you access to best in class solutions

R.E. Lee Capital provides access to a broad range of risk tolerance and investment philosophies within a wide array of investments. We offer direct access to investments, strategies and industry experts to help clients take advantage of the unique investment themes and opportunities that arises in the evolving world.


Through our extensive network of professional firms, we provide our clients access to services such as estate planning, insurance advice, and access to qualified lawyers and tax accountants to manage your wealth comprehensively.

Fund Platform

R.E. Lee Capital offer Fund Managers a one-stop solution for fund establishment. That means we will act as the central coordinator for Fund Manager’s preferred choice of service providers for fund establishment such as legal counsel (both onshore and offshore), tax advisers, fund administrators, auditors, custodians and corporate secretaries.


Fund Managers looking for a quick to launch and cost-effective solution can also leverage on R.E Lee Capital Segregated Portfolio Company

Helping our fund managers do what they do best

In an era of heightened regulatory oversight and increased operational scrutiny by investors, it is essential for Fund Managers to demonstrate that they can offer operational infrastructure capabilities. R.E. Lee Capital offers on-going operational expertise to all the funds under our management. This include compliance and risk management to serve and benefit all stakeholders. This allows our Fund Managers to focus their time on their investment process and actively managing their portfolios instead of non-core issues.

Our Professional Team

Our professional team at R.E. Lee Capital has extensive experience and held senior roles in Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Private wealth across leading financial institutions and had guided our clients safely through various economic and financial cycles. We invest heavily in the professional development of our team as these talents are at the core of our asset management business.

Japan Green Infrastructure Fund

A Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on infrastructure investments in Japan. The Fund was established to invest in a portfolio of solar photovoltaic plants in Japan.

Ally Global Management VCC

A Private Equity Real Estate Fund with a principle focus on investments in industrial, residential, office and hospitality assets in the United States.

Journey Fund I

A Early-Stage Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on investments in South East Asia. The Fund has an investment focus in four key areas: Consumer Focused Technology, Fintech-Payments & Lending, Ancillary Services to E-commerce, and Localised SAAS.

9 Basil Fund

A Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on investments in Thailand. The Fund has an investment mandate in four key areas: Distressed business and assets, Mass income population financial services, Consumer brands, E-commerce related businesses.