R.E. Lee Capital – An Established Platform Provider For Fund Managers

A Financial Institution regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore

R.E. Lee Capital, is a Capital Market Services License holder, regulated under the Securities and Future Act to conduct fund management activities by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. We offer fund platform solutions for fund managers looking for a cost-effective and well-structured environment to operate their funds in an ever-changing regulatory and compliance landscape. Additionally, we provide portfolio management services and alternative investment solutions for our clients. ​

Your Family’s Wealth Manager For Generations and Generations to Come

At R.E. Lee Capital, we thrive on our  values to focus on building life-long relationship with our clients. Our clients & investors include established International Financial Institutions, Senior Professionals, and prominent wealthy families in Asia.

You are in safe hands of dedicated Executives

Today, R.E. Lee Capital is majority owned by its Executives who dedicates their experience and time in the day-to-day running of the firm’s investment management, risk management and compliance. Our professional team has extensive experience averaging over 20 years in related fields and held senior roles in Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Private Wealth across leading global financial institutions. We have successfully guided many clients through various economic and financial cycles. The firm is also frequently invited to give its opinions on leading financial media platforms

Fund Management

R.E. Lee Capital offers Fund Managers a one-stop solution for fund establishment. That means we will act as the central coordinator for our wide range of empaneled service providers such as legal counsels, tax advisers, fund administrators, auditors, corporate secretary, brokers and custodians required to launch and operate a Fund.

If you are a Fund Manager looking for an immediate and cost-effective solution, you can leverage off our extensive experience in launching funds in various jurisdictions. In addition, we offer the ability to launch your fund on the firm’s existing umbrella funds – Singapore Variable Capital Company and Cayman Segregated Portfolio Companies, which can result in savings in both time and money.

Enabling Fund Managers to focus on investment decisions

In an era of heightened regulatory oversight and increased operational scrutiny by investors, it is essential for Fund Managers to demonstrate to the regulators and investors that you can offer operational infrastructure capabilities, good overall governance and robust compliance practices. R.E. Lee Capital offers on-going operational expertise to the funds under management. This includes compliance and risk management to serve and benefit all your stakeholders. This allows you to focus on your investment decisions and managing your portfolio.

Experienced in Fund Solutions Across Asset Classes and Countries

R.E. Lee Capital has experience in launching funds across Private Equity, Private Credit, Infrastructure and Listed securities, across various jurisdictions and across structures including Singapore Variable Capital Companies and the Cayman Segregated Portfolio Companies


Pioneering Experts in the Variable Capital Company (VCC)

Many international investors recognizes Singapore as a well-regulated, economically and politically stable jurisdiction. This is why when Singapore VCC was first introduced in Singapore, R.E. Lee Capital took an active role to understand the details of implementations and was one of the initial managers to launch VCC funds for our clients.

Portfolio Management

One of the favourite questions asked by our clients would be “How do you provide the best risk adjusted returns?” This is a fair question and the first that we are addressing for our portfolio management approach.

While we provide discretionary portfolio management, we undertake rigorous due diligence process before we take positions in any asset classes. We take your risk appetite into consideration as we set up the constraints of the portfolio. Thereafter, we use collect data about that asset class from various reputable sources which give us an edge over other investors.

Our Management Team

Our management team at R.E. Lee Capital has extensive experience and held senior roles in Investment Banking, Wealth Management and Private wealth across leading financial institutions and had guided our clients safely through various economic and financial cycles. We invest heavily in the professional development of our team as these talents are at the core of our asset management business.

Japan Green Infrastructure Fund

A Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on infrastructure investments in Japan. The Fund was established to invest in a portfolio of solar photovoltaic plants in Japan.

Ally Global Management VCC

A Private Equity Real Estate Fund with a principle focus on investments in industrial, residential, office and hospitality assets in the United States.

Journey Fund I

A Early-Stage Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on investments in South East Asia. The Fund has an investment focus in four key areas: Consumer Focused Technology, Fintech-Payments & Lending, Ancillary Services to E-commerce, and Localised SAAS.

9 Basil Fund

A Private Equity Fund with a principle focus on investments in Thailand. The Fund has an investment mandate in four key areas: Distressed business and assets, Mass income population financial services, Consumer brands, E-commerce related businesses.